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    There's a big difference from swapping out two smaller areas opposed to doing a full game dialogue and event script change. There are more issues with a full game switch than two small areas that only change aesthetically (Regi)

    If they try it would possibly have to be 3DS cartridge just to attempt to hold that much data. There can be a lot of bugs that can cause critical issues with it too. One such, you get an Emerald event that doesn't exist in Ruby/Sapphire that causes the game to bug and not allow you to progress through the story properly. While they were fundamentally the same, there was a good bit of differences with the events between R/S and E.

    Easiest outcome is, they do Emerald like event with you following only 1 of the two teams. i.E Magma in Ruby remake or Aqua in Sapphire remake. When you get to the Sootopolis part, you get the epic battle (hopefully in 3D since they had Zekrom/Reshiram vs Kyurem and that was BA) and then Rayquaza interrupts it and the opposite legend (Kyogre in Ruby or Groudon in Sapphire) disappears and you get to either battle the box legend OR it disappears as well until after you beat the Elite Four.

    That's the easier outcome than the key. Key is possible just, there are a lot of issues that can develop with them when they effect the entirety of the game, especially a game that is most likely going to have one game file.