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    I agree whole heartedly that what cartoon network is giving us today is nowhere near up to par of what it used to be. Cartoon Network used to be my 'go-to' channel when i was bored. But now when i flip(which i dont get to do much too often now) on the tv all i see or shows that make me shake my head and flip the channel. I'm thouroghly disapointed with the Live Action shows that have reared their head on cartoon network...which....are just terrible. Not to mention its CARTOON Network! Not Live Action network . for shows left on CN that are good; How to Train your Dragon recently aired which is awesome. However, the two shows you mentioned Regular Show and Adventure time I actually enjoy then due to me always gettin a good laugh reguardless of the episode, although its a personal preference thing I guess. But I must agree that shows like MAD, Fred, and LIVE ACTION shows need to go. Like quick.

    Kinda reminds me of that Toon Disney/Jetix(awesomeness) transition to Disney XD(made me weep a bit at the first look at their shows).
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