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    Ok, I made more progress:
    Recieved the egg.
    Went to Azalea Town.
    Rescued the Slowpoke.
    Went training for fighting Bugsy.
    Egg hatched.. male Togepi. I boxed him to use when I finish the challenge.
    Beat Bugsy after many attempts.
    Beat my rival Jojo.
    Went to Goldenrod.
    Caught a Nidorian (F). Named her Irene.
    Traded Irene to another game for a while. (My Soulsilver Trainer is female as well, so it works out.)
    Leveled up and evolved Irene in Soulsilver.
    Traded Irene back.
    Used Flora for beating Whitney.
    Beat my rival Jojo.
    Saw Suicune.
    Beat Morty with Irene.
    Flora evolved into Meganium.
    Saw sick Amphy.
    Went looking for surfers, but had no luck. Then I found out sentret can surf.
    Made it to Cianwood.
    Saw Suicune again, battled Eusine.
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