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Adeline Densetsu
Divine Water

The sun shone on Addie's face, causing her to wake up in response to seeing the inside of her eyelids turn red. She blinked quickly and realized that in her arms was... the little brat. Addie quickly sat up in surprise and looked down at the pile of clothes she left for the kid. Was that not enough? Spoiled brat. Addie walked over to the window and observed everything under the morning sunshine. She could have sworn she saw somebody sleeping on the grass, but she was too busy being excited about today. She could collect the ingredients! Addie quietly made her way to her closet to find a jacket. Then, realizing it was in the pile of clothes, pulled out the jacket she wanted with her telekinesis. She tiptoed to the door in hopes the child wouldn't wake up and cause a ruckus.

((Crap post is crap, but hey... lol))
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