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For D/P/PT.

Yep. It's gotta be Mt. Coronet, mane...Especially da parts before you go to Snowpoint City and the last Team Galactic event, before Cyrus get dragged into h3ll. So many HMs need to travel around it. Strength, Defog, Rock Climb, Surf, Rock Smash... LOL


I hate Ice Path; I mean with a passion. Not only that you're forced to go there to reach the last gym city...But I hate the fact that you gotta use Strength to push the rocks in those tiny ass holes. And if you mess up, you gotta leave da whole area and come back, while steadily getting attacked by Swinub(s) and stupid Golbat(s) Errr, so annoying.

...Just like if it was on cue...BLAM...Random wild encounter. LOL
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