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    Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
    I'll be glad to help you out again applefandroid n_n.

    I'm going to say IVs take a huge part in Competitive battling as they make up the value of your certain stats.They're hidden from your view,but Pokemon have IV values for each stat-31 in one means you receive a Pokemon for eg. lets say Golem,it will get the highest attack stat possible for a Golem.
    Sorry I don't really get that^

    Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
    For EV training,it is important not to battle Pokemon that have EVs you're not looking for as that messes it up and wastes EVs in a stat you don't necessarily want to train.
    It's kind of hard for me to completely avoid Pokémon that give off the wrong EVs in the beginning of the game. literally impossible.
    Here is my situation: I have a
    Snivy with
    5 At.
    2 HP
    0 De.
    0 Sp. De.
    2 Sp. At.
    4 Sp
    I don't know if I used those abbreviations correctly...In case you couldn't tell, they are supposed to be (in order) Attack, Hit Points, Defense, Special Defense, Special Attack, and Speed.

    It has a Quiet nature, and is Thoroughly cunning.
    In this case, I was trying to train the Speed, for sure. What would you recommend for the other ones? Based on its nature and characteristic. (Which I understand even less.

    Just wondering, from what I've told you, can you deduce its current stats?
    These are its stats btw. Can you tell me if it's even possible to do that, and if so whether or not you were right?
    17 Attack
    19 Defense
    18 Sp. Atk
    18 Sp. Def
    19 Speed

    Sorry for taking up so much space, and thanks again. Also, if someone wants to move this somewhere else please do.