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Originally Posted by LividZephyr View Post
We're all likely going to agree to this. Although several of their newer shows seem really stupid - the same can be said for Nickelodeon - part of it is nostalgia and what WE grew up with. What would the kids of today think about OUR favorite shows? What will they think in 15 years?

I don't really watch TV anymore because the quality has dropped all around in my mind. Shows just aren't produced to the same quality - and maybe I've just seen enough of it. That could also be a contributing factor. Maybe TV in general has just run out of original ideas...

I used to enjoy plenty of CN shows, but if those same shows were on today, I wouldn't watch them, I'd probably find them stupid. So I say that about todays shows, but plenty of younger kids are watching them without complaining.

So my biased opinion is that, yes, CN isn't as good now, but it's really about the same as it was before, I'm just not growing up with what's airing on it now.

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