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    I killed a shiny Durant, I had killed enough Durants to know what moves to use, but I forgot my Pokémon had leveled up...

    I think I saw it dying in slow motion, I was like "Ohhh Craaap!!!" *facepalm*. I didn't know what to do next , If I turned it off that wouldn't mean I'd find another shiny right away, so, I decided to save. At least it was recorded in the Pokédex <_>

    I know I can get a Shiny Durant if I really wanted by other methods, but it's not the same.

    I have found a shiny Spinarak, Krabby, Rattata (silver) and Wailmer (sapphire) and caught them successfully. You would think I should have enough experience by the time I played White but nooo.... Noob mistake -__-
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