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Originally Posted by RR☆Oresama View Post
Oh, thanks! I did just that just now. Now I don't know whether or not my Riolu's happy though. XD
Depends on what Bianca says =D
If she says something like "You are so close that it makes me happy", it's close to evolving =D

As for my progress...
Reached Driftveil City, beat Clay with Lucario, won the PWT, slaughtered Team Plasma's ship, got Surf from Cheren => went to get Water Stone and evolved Eevee I newly caught, because I decided to evolve my old one into Umbreon, scrapped Pignite and replaced him with Volcarona, blazed through the Chargestone Cave where I caught Tynamo and completed my team. Grinded for Skyla and now I'm about to challenge her.


Lucario (45)

Espeon (40)

Volcarona (35)

Krookodile (40)

Vaporeon (22)

Eelektrik (39)

Boxed part of team: (19) (28)
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