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Biden wrecked Ryan, enough said. Yet, despite that, he is being deemed the loser by many people because he hasn't been acting very dignified and people are saying he was being obnoxious. Joe Biden was being Joe Biden. And he was doing exactly what people said Obama should have done and called out his opponent and challenged him when he knew the opposition was lying. However, he is now being criticized for it (and, if I may add, Romney was just as rude during the last debate, even going so far as to tell the moderator how to run the debate.) I will admit though that, while dancing around the questions and while being called out, Ryan did hold his own against Biden, if only for how he handled his opponent's criticism (which, again, I would like to point out reminded me a bit of how Obama acted last week, minus all the ahs and ums.)

I agree with Went: The one thing I think that it probably did was (hopefully) galvanize supporters. Not because of the policies, but because again: he stood up and criticized what he knew or believed wrong. People on the non-Conservative side (I'm including independents as well, not just liberals) haven't been doing that as much in this election cycle I don't think. It's going to be interesting to see how things play out from here. Things are probably about to get much messier.

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