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    Kyogre - Pokeball.. with a level 20 zigzagoon! Yes, it was epic
    Rayquaza - Ultra Ball, god knows how many tries.
    Latias - Masterball. I found him while getting Rayquaza, my brother shouted and said "Use the Masterball!" I used it and got him
    Regi's - Ultra Balls
    Jirachi - I don't do events.
    Deoxys - I don't do events.

    Fire Red
    Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos - Ultra Ball, hate them lol
    Mewtwo - Ultra ball too, I have yet to use the masterball
    Raikou (I chose Squirtle) yet to have found.. not that I'm playing it anymore lol.

    thanks for listening
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