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I left this for a while so as to let everybody bask in my glory for as long as they possibly could! I feel you have sufficiently basked, so now to the business of replying to all of your lovely words!

Forever - that was the weirdest thread I've ever had made about me ever, but it was lovely! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN LOVELIER IF YOU HAD REMEMBERED WITHOUT ME REMINDING YOU BUT WHATEVER

Mac - Thank you! I'm not surprised in the slightest that you remember. It was an amazing day for PC history, and the monument being erected in my honour will be complete by this time next year. You can sacrifice animals upon it on October 5, Shining Raichu Day, and I will be pleased and grant you as many coconuts as you can carry.

Hikari10 - Thanks Hikari! :D. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. I'm far too pretty to leave you all to wallow in this attractiveness vacuum

sammi-san - Yay sammi! Don't worry, your time in the other state is not yet complete, but by the time it is OVP will be renamed, as promised, to "Andy's Playtime Fun Land" and you will be banned from it . It's taken a year, but finally my opportunity to oust you has arrived!

Eeveon - Ahh my Eeveon, my 50 pounds of adorable Eeveon. Thank you <3 - and I'm not going anywhere, so you can


Olli97 - Thanks Olli! Don't worry, you weren't nearly as late as some of these suckers . I remember talking to you too, ages before either of us were mods! And then I remember not long after I got modded thinking "omg I haven't seen Olli in ages where is that guy?" and then I VMed you and this is a highly uninteresting story but I'm glad I told it anyway!

droomph - it's OK you were just a baby member when I got modded so I wouldn't expect you to remember! It's like asking a toddler to remember being pushed out of his mother's hoohah. Thank you for your congrats, I will shine extra bright just for you

Cirno - Janna :D we don't talk as much as I'd like because you are always busy with your life and stuff, but it's awesome that I was somebody's first promotion to witness! I remember Meg was mine, it's always fun to watch lol. Remind me to start welcoming again! My PC activity has dropped off a bit in recent weeks thanks to a whole bunch of pesky distractions but I shall start finding time to welcome new peeps again :D. Oh, and thank you!

- yay thanks Mike! This year has gone exceptionally fast and if this is any concept of how fast the rest of life is going to go then I need to start living better or I'm gonna be 80 and my greatest achievement will be being a mod on a Pokemon forum . Text me, mean it!

Kiyoshi the Polar Bear
- thank you boo! I take credit for single-handedly taking the decency out of this place. Look out kiddies, Andy's taking your forum and giving it a good shake! Next step: getting rid of that ****ing swear filter.

Cosmotone8 - get sick of you? Never! And it's OK, we can pretend you saw it... if only in spirit. If you like, I can re-enact it with handpuppets so anybody who joined this year can feel like they were there!

Curious. - Nathan! Thank you, you are so sweet and adorable and kind! :D BBBB for life! Unfortunately I'm sending this message long after your bed time so chances are you will never see it. If you do ever see it, send me a post comment. But make sure you sign it or I might not know who it's from!

twistedpuppy - aww Lollipop, I wuv you too. I wuv you as high as my bunny ears can stretch! And don't worry, I'll never forget that you came first. Mostly because you always come first... it's the biggest problem in our relationship. You should see a doctor.

CarefulWetPaint - Yay Tom thank you :D. Was that a 'Suit up' reference? If it was let it be known that I picked up on it and it didn't fly over my head!

Cid - Pfft Cid, PokeCommunity wouldn't love it if I were to mod for many years to come. They all secretly want me to quit so that they can take my spot on the throne next to sammi-san in OVP kingdom. It's the PC way! XD. But don't worry, I'm not going anywhere any time soon. Maybe ever. Hear that, guys? Ever.

Thank you so much for the lovely things you said, they mean a lot to me! :D. Check in more often!

Harlequin - Oh Christopher, my Christopher. My spirit animal, my Patronus. My guide through the waters of sarcasm and sassy. I teared up reading your message! (Not really, but I did say "awwwww!" really loudly and clutch my hands over my cold dead heart). I love you too! <3. And I would send you a message but whenever I do you never reply!

Bloodex - DIPU, HONEY. Thank you so much you awesome user of tautology <3

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