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Originally Posted by GoddessAurora View Post
I already made an intro thread so I don't see a point in repeating the same stuff XD! But I would like to meet other new users like myself and other people as well x3! So hi there x3! For those that have not read my intro thread I will at least tell you that you can call me Aura ! And its a pleasure to meet you all and I hope we can all be friends :D
Originally Posted by 60 View Post
^ Haha I just saw that episode of Last Airbender where your signature is from!

But hey I'm new also. Made an intro, but decided to swing by here anyways.
Hello you two, welcome to PC.

I've been into Pokemon since I was only 7, and I plan on getting Black 2/White 2 sometime later in the year cos I love the characters and the cool features.

Anyways, feel free to VM me if you need help. I don't bite.
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