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Hello, sorry I haven't been active recently, because I was busy doing... stuff. Well anyway, here's my move:
Name: Aura Senses
Type: Fighting/Special
PP: 5
Power: -
Accuracy: -
Description: The user focuses and dodges every enemy attack for 3 turns, until a move is used.

I was thinking of a protective move for Lucario and I came up with this.
Oh and this is good since then you can use items for 3 turns. So yeah.
Pokeanalysis: You are very mysterious like the ocean abyss, choosing not to give away your true intentions and feelings. People don't know much about you, as you don't strive to be the center of attention like most people. You love your close friends and would do anything to protect them and defend them. You are kind and intelligent, and very powerful. You are a lover of peace and tranquility and hate meaningless violence. This makes you like Lugia!