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Kale and Clare
Having arrived in the bank in Boston, they saw officers surrounding the building. Kale observed as much and commented, "I guess they got the same intel as us, now we play the waiting game."The planned robbery time was in one hour, though Clare knew how scum worked and nobody would try a heist with this many officers around.

"I doubt they are going to try to rob this bank, look how many officers are waiting for them, it was kind of stupid to leak something like the time unless..."

Kale interrupted, "It's a setup! They get as much attention at this bank as possible and then they rob another." Clare nodded in agreement, "So should we tell the police?

"But what if they want us to think that, just so we focus less on this bank? Then they would have an easier time robbing this one." Clare grabbed her head as she finished the sentence,"I hate paradoxes." Suddenly a truck came crashing down the street, pushing police cars away as it rampaged, crashing into the building. The truck must have been reinforced because there was a hole I. The building and the entire truck except the back was in. "That is odd, normally you'd want the back inside the bank so you can fill it with money afterward. Maybe this bank is being robbed by idiots. As soon as she said it, the truck's back part opened up.

Instead of boxes, crates, or furniture as would normally be in these trucks, there was a single person. He starred blankly at all of the officers who were pointing guns at him. Clare looked down at Lucy who had a terrified look on her face and was shaking. "Hey Lucy what's the matter, afraid of some bank robbers? Look that one isn't even armed!" Lucy shook her head, as if Clare was completely wrong. "I don't know what's got you all flustered, me and Summers here can easily take on this joker."

Lucy held Will tightly, "I-if that's what I think it is, then all of these men and woman are going to die." The person in the back of the truck covered their own head with their hands.

One of the officers yelled, "Don't move, I will shoot!" He wore the chiefs badge and was around the age of thirty. The person merely turned their head toward the chief confusedly.

"Maria?" It said in a manly voice, "My dear, please come back, I'm doing what the men told me you wanted." He walked toward the officer, who gave him two more warnings then shot. The man staggered, but there wasn't even a wound. This panicked the other officers, who also opened fire. "Gah! Insects, I must exterminate them, it must be clean for your arrival, just as the men said." He sprinted to the police chief, shrugging off bullets. He grabbed the chief by the neck and slammed him into a nearby police car, killing him instantly.

Clare had seen enough, this wasn't human, "Summers you know what this is?" He shook his head, "Lucy you seem to know, what is this thing?"

Lucy was shivering, "O told me stories about his and Maggy's fights with these, I've never seen one but from what I know from him, then that thing will be able to kill every single one of us and not even think twice." She shook her head, "This isn't good at all, I don't have the clearance to engage husks, I don't even have the clearence to be in a mission involving them." She set down Will, "We must abandon this mission and leave it to Maggy and O or any of their group to handle it."

This stunned both Kale and Clare, "But if we leave now those officers will be killed." Kale stuttered.

"We can't lose students on their second day, you are still kids. These men signed up knowing danger was involved, it is their job." Lucy was heartless in the comment, she only ever followed orders.

Kale unsheathed his sword, Clare slipped on her gloves and knuckledusters. Clare spoke, stretching her arm, "You can leave if you want, but I'm not letting him kill anymore officers, whether or not their job includes danger." Kale nodded in agreement, it was time for the show to get started.

Meanwhile officers were being picked up and thrown, or otherwise just beat to death by this humanoid demon. Kale sprinted up and swung his sword heavily at the man, but the blade bounced back, as if his skin was much to strong. The man turned to face his new assailant, there was no emotion in his eyes, he didn't express any form of anger, remorse, or even sadness. He threw a punch at Kale, who recovered from the recoil of his sword and quickly dodged it. The punch shattered the door of a car.

Clare tried a more blunt approach, dodging and punching the man in the chest, stomach, and head. It seemed to work slightly better, as the man staggered more and groaned. This told both of them that he could in fact still feel pain. A single punch would absolutely mean broken bones or worse for both of them, and since they didn't have magic or a psychic, there wasn't much they could do. "Summers I don't think we can beat this thing."

Kale swung again, both of them were going as hard as they could, "Don't say that, we just have to hold off until Lucy gets help." They continued punching and swinging, the officers had all fled, taking their fallen with them.

"We'll set up a perimeter so the robbers can't escape." One of the officers said.

The monster became progressively more violent, now swinging wildly and recklessly. "Yeah just go, we can handle this." Clare yelled, both of them were tired, "Where the hell is that girl." The monster swung hard at Clare, Kale pushed her out of the way, taking the blow. It sent him flying into a building, he fell on the ground. Clare couldn't check to see if he was okay but gave a squeal. She gained a boost of adrenaline, no longer playing just defense, she was bent on killing this man. "I'm the greatest fighter ever." She only hit his face and stomach, "I won't let something as monstrous as you prove otherwise." She picked up a crowbar from one of the cars and used it as a weapon, "You don't have anything." She was swinging rapidly and violently, the man staggered.

Her energy didn't last, her arms tired and she began to get slower. Again she could only dodge, there was no openings for attacks again. She tripped over a bumper on the ground, the man was ready to swing down. There was a blast in his chest and he was sent back, sparring Clare a moment. Standing over Clare was Kale with a shotgun from the truck, he was limping and clearly in pain, he sighed, "I think he broke a few ribs, I'm going to need a nurse visit after this." The man stood up slowly, there was nothing but holes in his clothes where the bullet hit. "Wow, I really don't think we will beat this fight. What kind of robbers have a monster like this."

"This isn't a robbery, it is a test." They heard the voice of someone familiar. "Someone is testing the school." Behind them stood O, much more serious than at the concert. "How many casualties?"

Kale spoke, "Four sir, and I'm injured."

"Well then both of you can rest, consider this a completed mission." He looked at the man, "This is a sad day, I must lay this poor man to rest." He pulled out a flask and uncapped it, instead of drinking it he poured the contents on the man. "Either of you have a light? No? Oh well," He punctured a gas tank with Kale's sword and allowed the gasoline to seep over the sidewalk covering the man's feet, he then struck the metal door, causing sparks then a fire. They watched as the man was set on fire, but not in pain. "As I suspected, this is the second one to have magic, how odd. You Clare can you do me a favor? Can you run?"
"Yeah, I'm not injured just a bit tired." O took a small device and placed it in her hand, he placed a bullet in a pistol.

"Take this and stab his neck or spine with this, it will get the magic shield off. Then I need you to run to cover." He handed Kale the gun from one of the officers, "Take this and shoot at him when I say. Then make sure to get in cover." He ripped a door off the car and propped it against some debris near Kale, "Sorry Clare but you'll need to find your own cover." He ran up to the flaming man and fought him. It was much different than the boxing style Clare used, he was a master of fighting. Clare snuck up behind the distracted man and jabbed the device in his neck, surprisingly puncturing his skin. She ran away. O also sprinted away, "Shoot now!" There was gunfire and an explosion.

The fight was over.
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