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Originally Posted by Frostweaver View Post
Also, why did OCC slow down so much these days over the years o_o; used to have like new posts once every min, or did we all move on to the IRC or what?
AAHH I miss those days.
A new page every 10 minutes..

Nah, the DCC has slowed down a ton.. I miss it being mega active like that :c the IRC seems to be just as dead though, really..

Yeahhh 22sa, Kaga, Jorge, Simon, Chibi, Jack, Drummershuff, Pokejungle..

Man those were the days when this place was absolutely booming.. I remember trying to get on the computers in the library at lunchtime just to post :33 Haha!

Also it sucks they took the users viewing off.. we used to be like "OH HEY JACK HOW WAS YOUR DAY?" when we saw them lurking at the bottom :cc..
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