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Originally Posted by LividZephyr View Post
I think the Pokemon League Champion is a salaried executive of sorts. If you beat him, you become a champion, but not the Champion. There are multiple champions, who are enforcers for the good in the world, and thus they're less recognizable even if their battles with Cynthia or Alder were televised.

Plus, most of the protagonists are 10-12 years old (Hilbert and Hilda are more like 14-15) and they're too young to hold a job like Cynthia or Alder. Cynthia is in her early 20s. Alder's pushing 60. They have the experience the kid trainers don't. Therefore, the kids continue their journey and enforce the good in their region, because they have the heart of a champion.

Just a theory. But I really don't get why your mother isn't proud of you for kicking butt...

Iris is the champion in B&W 2 and she is very young, so theoretically a protagonist could take the job.

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