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Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
Gah, Kura, you make me wonder if it was worth donating. So much I could've done with $10 ;;

Hah, jk, I'm happy I did. This site's awesome. Not as awesome as once before, but still great.
I already have blogs since I am an ex mod and have over 5k posts.. I dont see the appeal in the supporters forum. The only thing that might be worth it is the extra PM space but.. egh. I think my name would look weird being that light blue like that.
And profile customization? I don't do that anyhow.. and if I did I would make it so that it would look like my default theme (pokelinks).. but I dont even know how to do that soooo.. yeah.

But damn if I could see people lurking I would be on that.
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