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    Originally Posted by Ralaia View Post
    My inactivity
    I have always like Miltioc better than Gyrados because in my opinion Miltoic would win because Milotic looks way better and is a great battle...
    *Gasp* How dare you call Gyarados ugly, and then misspell his name! D:
    Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
    Name: CourageHound

    2 Partner Pokemon: Gyarados and Swampert

    Why do you want to swim with us?: The water type has a very diverse population of which holds two of my favorite pokemon and others I like alot. I choose swampert as my partner due to him being my first and only water starter in ruby and we, ya know bonded. So much so I couldnt stop talking about him for a good month, and even now I till love him. Plus, I also heard Swampert gives gigantic hugs. :D
    Okay, I also chose Gyarados because of his epicness. Okay, aside from the obvious I love him for a few other reasons. Because of his anime apearences, my fanboy-ish dream to ride one(and pretty much all my other ridable pokemon) and because of a fan fic i'm reading(ts called The Quest for the Legends: for anyone interested).

    Answer Current topic: Gyarados vs Milotic?
    Okay it really boils down to their roles. Milotic is very bulky and Gyarados packs alot of power and both have great abillities to captilize on it. Gyarados wrecks with its stat boosts, and milotic has a frustrating amount of bulk(easily abusing marvel scale with RestTalk). Thing is, there are often times where milotic struggles to do its job very well(falls to Ferrothorn/Ferroseed). However Gyarados still manages to do what it does best without too much interference with to many of new and old pokes(being able to taunt Ferro is a nice plus) thus still being viable, but i must give Milotic kudos for not caring about hazards or status. So my vote belongs to Gyarados.

    But I have a question. I was wondering if a gyarados was trying to rest or give somone a hug or something, are they able to coil up to do so, or no due to their armor plates?
    Welcome to the Royal Blue Ocean! :3

    You have good points, but Marvel Scale just makes Milotic [b]WRECK[b] almost anyone, especially if you give it a flame orb or one of those items. And just the fact that Milotic is one of the only 3 to have Marvel Scale makes her better. I don't usually face Ferrothorn with Milotic, but if I see a Ferrothorn I can always switch out. Although Gyarados is good, its no Milotic.

    So for me, Milotic Wins

    Milotic Vs. Gyarados

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