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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    Saying "God is merciful" and then agreeing with the premise that he would not give you a chance to repent after death, instead judging you on your life regardless of your repentance after death is a massive contradiction.
    Excuse me. Let me elucidate. We are given the opportunity to repent in this lifetime. If we put our faith in Christ, we are promised eternal life. Mercy is holding back what we deserve: and we all deserve punishment for our sins. We don't deserve a second chance yet He offers us one anyway. God is patient and is waiting for people to make their decision: whether or not they will accept His gift--His free gift which He offers to all people regardless of anything they have done in the past--of salvation. God loves you! God loves me! He doesn't want anyone to suffer in hell. Why else would Jesus have come down to die the agonizing death on the cross if He didn't want any of us to be saved? if he didn't want to bestow mercy and grace upon people?

    We must remember that God is righteous and just. He cannot leave sin unpunished. You know that hell wasn't created for people? It was created for Satan and his demons. However, after the fall of man kind (the story of Adam and Eve) sin entered the world and the hearts of people. This is why God sent Jesus: to show mercy and grace to a people in desperate need of cleansing and forgiveness. As I stated before, He doesn't want anyone to go to hell, but people must make their choice now: to accept His forgiveness or deny it. He has made a way for us because He loves us.

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