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    Originally posted by tamsheel
    I was facing with the same problem. What i did was-
    1.write any script and assign in your game,i used pksvui.
    2.note the offset and give to your ow character as usual,using a-map,and save. in A-map,you must have had pksvui selected as script editor in tools tab. click on the character and click open script.
    5.the script will be open in pksvui,the script maybe
    Good as you have written,or may have became corrupted with lots of unwanted lines added.dont worry.Ignore...
    6.just cop everything and delete it,BUT DONT DELETE THE FIRST LINE,THAT IS THE OFFSET.
    7.Now,open up your own script,you intend to write in your all and copy,just leaving the first line,ie. The offset.
    8. paste it in the pksvui window,in step 6. use the compile button on type and save.
    10. Close this script window.
    11. Now again check the ow character,you have just inserted the script.
    12. If it has done,good, if not again repeat the process a few time.
    I have done the same,and even inserted over 100 scripts in pokemon platinum to add several more legendry pokemon events,and others to further make it more better.
    Well, thank you!! You have been a big help so far, now to see if it works, .

    EDIT: Well, a script worked, but not mine... When I talked to the old guy, it sent me into some random MissingNo battle... Is it problematic that I'm using XSE?
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