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    It might just be nostalgia but I still prefer the look and sound of the older games. I think it might be because the brain is naturally creative, and the clearer pictures and clearer sounds in the newer games give our brains less work to do. I think when we play the modern Pokemon games, our brains get lazy and we get less of an emotional response.

    It's like how a lot of people prefer books to movies, and how a commonly used narrative technique is to leave out much of the detail, to allow the reader to use his/her imagination. Or like how we fear (or love) darkness because it's a fear (or love) of the unknown, and it provokes our imaginations to go wild. Or how an artist paints abstract images to convey emotions. We like simplicity because simplicity frees us from the contraints of the illusionary personas in the illusionary world that we live in.

    OK that's getting too deep now. Enough of that.

    Lavender Town is a great example...

    ... then...

    ... and now.

    Sure, the latest version has more detail, more colour and more realism, but I'm sure we all get a stronger emotional response from the original Lavender Town, and I think I the same can be said for the music.

    Also, in the latest version, your eye gets drawn to certain parts of the town, because of the different colours, which all make us feel different ways. For example, when we see yellow, we think "ooh, a banana!" because of when we were monkeys and we first developed colour vision to find the fruit in the forest. However, in the original Lavender Town... well, it's all lavender. No matter where you are in that town, you feel "in the zone".

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