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    Sounds great! SU here I come!

    This is what I have so far.

    Name: Neddard Connerly
    Age: 18

    Appearance: Neddard is about 6'5 and usually wears a bright yellow t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He has long, dark ashy charcoal grey hair that hangs down to his shoulders. His face is generally serious. He always has a grim expression, even when he is extatic, and his grey, sad eyes don't do anything to help. He has the scrubble of a beard that he shaves weekly. His character in the game, Reidaan, wears light leather armor that covers his muscular build. Reidaan is 6'10, a massive avatar with bulging muscles in his arms. His legs are also powerful.
    Life before SAO:

    Current Level: 10
    Weapon: Greatsword
    Non-Combat Skills: Alchemy and Speed
    Summary of first month in Aincrad: <Bullet points/Single Paragraph>

    Roleplay Sample: <First week in Aincrad, not including the lock-in>
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