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Despite only being here for 4 and a half-ish years that's still long enough to notice an immense difference in the activity of certain threads. Back in like 2008/2009 no one could keep up with the DCC, and even the Post Your Pics thread had a new page every hour or so whereas now it's just the same 3 or 4 people posting over and over again. It felt more like a community to me then because everyone knew everyone and the regulars really were regulars. Not saying PC is bad now but I do miss the old days and all the old members that went off and did their own thing.

As for supportership, I only did it for the pretty purple name.. which got changed to blue like a week after I donated, which left me totally depressed. Anyone that says they donated because they "want to see PC survive and prosper" is lying because a) PC would do just fine without your $10 and b) perks perks perks, which no one uses these days anyway.
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