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    Chapter 1: Littleroot Town
    Tyler Mandival

    "Hello? Is anyone here?" Tyler hollered out as he stumbled in to the Pokemon Lab. Just getting to Littleroot Town was an adventure for Tyler. Having spent his whole life in Fallarbor, Tyler never really ventured outside of Fallarbor Town. The farthest he'd gone from home was to Lavaridge Town to visit Flannery with Lanette. In fact, the the only time he'd left town, was to visit Lanette who lived down Route 114. Getting out was tough, but a step in the right direction for the young adventurer. And now, he was in the town of the very trainer that Lanette talked about with as high appraise as he him self wanted from her. The place he started his journey, the same way Tyler was today.

    "I almost thought you weren't going to show up!" shouted a voice from behind a desk. Out popped a well built man wearing a white lab coat, none other than Professor Birch! The man had a disapproving, yet welcoming face, as the young trainer approached him. "The other trainers have all come and gone by now. Nonetheless, its time for you to start your adventure!"

    "Sorry about that Professor, I haven't really gotten accustom to traveling on my own so far. I'm just glad to be here to meet my new companion! As for my pokemon, what kind will I be getting? I'd like a strong pokemon, like a fire type, or an electric type!" said an enthusiastic Tyler.

    Regretfully, Birch said, "Hate to break it to you, but all the pokemon have been chosen accept for the grass type pokemon. It is still quite the..."

    "A grass type? Grass type aren't strong! I've made my way all the way here, just to get let down? How could this..." Tyler interrupted, though Tyler was silenced by the loud bang that came from the back of the Lab.

    As Tyler and Professor Birch entered the back portion of the lab, they found an angry looking Treecko leaning against the wall with a piece of wheat in its mouth. Across the room was dent in the wall and a Everstone broken on the floor beneath it. "Oh Treecko..." the Professor sighed. "I guess it heard you talking in the front. Treecko is a very short-tempered pokemon, being abandoned before by its original trainer. It must of used fling to take out its anger... and my last remaining everstone."

    "Oh, I'm very sorry Treecko. I had no idea." Tyler said to the small green grass type before he turned to the Professor. "Professor if its alright with Treecko, I'd still like to take him with me on my adventure. He seems like a very admirable pokemon and I'd be honored to take him."

    The small gecko looked up to Tyler with approving eyes and let out a cheerful "Treeee-ckooo!"

    The Professor chuckled, smiled, and said "Well that settles it. I'll give you a Pokedex and some pokeballs and you can set out on your Journey. Before you leave, would you like to name your partner?"

    "Ummm, sure!" Tyler said. He look down to Treecko and asked "How does Sanjiro sound?" The Treecko looked back quizzically at Tyler. He replied by saying "The name Sanjiro means, admirable or of high praise."

    The Treecko glanced back cheerfully and said "Treeeee-cko!"

    "That settles it then! We're off! Thank you Professor." With that, Tyler and Sanjiro departed from the lab, off through Littleroot Town to their first adventure on Route 101.

    Route 101

    The two entered down the past with high hopes for what they might find. The route had the smell of a soft pine needle, drifting through the air without a care in the world. Quite fitting for a start to a journey. The sun was high in the sky and the only sounds to be heard were the whispering of the breeze and the faint rustling that came from the occasional patch of tall grass.

    "What do you want to do now Sanjiro? How about we try and find you a new teammate to start our journey?" Tyler questioned Sanjiro. The gecko replied with a nod and they ducked off to the side, out of sight, to see if they could find any pokemon wandering about. They saw a Wurmple sitting in the trees and to left of them they saw a small flock of Pidgeys.

    "I guess we'll go try and catch a Pidge... wait! Over there!" Tyler silently exclaimed! Just beyond the reach of Tyler's outstretched hand, was two little red triangles, sticking out of the grass. "I remember what that is, that's a Ralts! Lanette, my friend at home, told me about these guys. When they grow up they can be quite the force to reckon with! What do you say Sanjiro?"

    The Treecko nodded and started toward the small pokemon. "Treecko use Absorb." Tyler whispered. The Treecko put out its hand and started taking the energy from the Ralts. The Ralts countered with a growl which knocked Sanjiro back. Sanjiro then picked up a hard rock and flung it at the Ralts to which the rock started to faintly glow and was sent back at Sanjiro. Suprised, the rock landed right in Sanjiro's core. Sanjiro, obviously weak, launched back an endeavor in retaliation. The move hit and the Ralts was reduced to Sanjiro's state.

    "Okay Sanjiro, thats enough!" Tyler shouted! "This ones for you Lanette..." He proceeded to whisper then threw the pokeball at the creature. The Ralts was enclosed in the ball as Tyler waited to see what would happen in response to his first attempt at catching a pokemon...
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