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Rayquaza: Urf...the temporal...power...will...die.
Me: He seems troubled. Alakazam, shock him out of it!
Alakazam: Affirmative.
Rayquaza: Urrgh...what is it now?
Me: Well, an intruder came in, and they needed help.
Rayquaza: Urf...Well, the issue is, I'm setting up war.
Me: Say whaaat? A war? Is Dialga making trouble again?
Rayquaza: Uh...yeah.He's broken this location down. Luckily, I have some pieces of ozone to fill it in. And he'll die.
Me: Say WHAAAT?! No way! I won't let you do so! Then the whole universe's gonna freeze in time! So, what would we do, huh?
Rayquaza: If you'd like a fight, then a fight will be done.
Me: Uh...Alright! We'll take the challenge!
DarkPokeBall: Uh, can we talk now?
Me: No, and you can't ask for his help. What do you even need anyway?
DarkPokeBall: Uh...We'd like to be sent over to a place. Do you need the co-ordinates?
Me: Yeah.
Rayquaza: Enough! We'll have to fight! Or you're my competitor.
Me: Alright, alright! Kyurem, Zekrom! I require your assistance!
Kyurem: A fusion? Awesome!
Zekrom: Oh no, not another one...
Me: True. Zekrom! Convert yourself!
Zekrom: This again?
Kyurem: Awesome! Time to fuse!
Me: Now, Black Kyurem! Attack the Rayquaza! Outrage!
Black Kyurem: Aw, yeah! Time for the attack!
Rayquaza: Gah! You-you...urrgh...
Me: Now, DarkPokeBall, what's the co-ordinates to the location?
DarkPokeBall: In truth, there's no such thing as one for this place. It moves around so many times, it switches co-ordinates every second.
Me: I'd say...Mew's domain is the place. Alakazam! Teleport the group now! To Mew's domain!
Alakazam: Sir, yes sir!
DarkPokeBall: Thanks!
Me: I guess this is it. Everything's done now.
Alakazam: True.
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