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Since I have a few mins I thought I'd comment on ep 13 and 14 before the new arc starts tomorrow.

Ep 14
By the looks of it a lot of people hated the first half of the ep. I for one enjoyed it due to the fact that we got to see the side of the game that I know would end up happening... people would try to live out there life there. People find games fun because there's no consequence to losing or dying in the game. Sure you might lose a little money when you respawn, or have to go back to a checkpoint. But if you were thrown into that world how many of us would just quit playing the game (not saying "kill yourself" but do like that old man, just wake up and go fishing every day)? So I for one liked that part of the ep (just like the ep with Liz. If SAO was a normal game I'm sure she could have cleared dungeons and fought powerful monsters for fun. But when she learned she could die she took up crafting and made that her main thing).
Parts of the second half was pretty powerful. When Kirito told Asuna to stay behind and she said she'd kill herself if he died because she had no reason to live. How Kirito was all "She comes first", and so on. Had Asuna not been there Kirito would have died (because the reaper was about to lop his arm off and likely kill him when Asuna showed up). And at the time I thought for sure Kirito was going to have to pick Asuna's life or the life of one (if not both) of his two friends. When the ep ended I thought "WTF? it's over?!!!! But damn... the next ep is going to be one hell of an episode!".

Ep 15
And then the next ep and 20 seconds in the health bar came up and I was quite ticked because it looked like it was going to be such an awesome battle only to have it happen off air. You'd think I would have gotten used to it by now (since it's happened a time or two) but still it's annoying.
As for Heathcliff, I didn't see that coming, I didn't trust the guy and knew he had something going on back when he fought Kirito, but didn't cross my mind that he made the game. I think Kirito made the right move in fighting him to free everyone (because the way it's been going... they likely wouldn't have made it to the final level). When he was talking to Asuna before the fight I felt for Asuna, because you could see her heart break, she wanted him to win but this was against the person who made it, more so when he requested that she can't kill herself. And when he was talking to everyone before the fight I teared up a little.
I think Asuna breaking the paralysis on her own (unless she used something somehow...), and more so Kirito coming back to life was sort of stupid. Because the show is built on "a realistic fair game" type thing and so them two things are... yea. I know in times of need people can do things they normally can't do if a loved one comes into play. But does this also bleed over into a game (a VR game that reads your mind I might add) built on rules?

Overall I really liked not only the ep but the whole Sword Art Online arc. Can't wait for the next ep to see where they go from here.

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