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TEAM USA - Winter 2014

#1 Star-Player - Gretski (Wayne, Hockey Legend) lvl. 40 (Male) Icicle Crash, Bulldoze, Slash, Rock Tomb

#2 Cheerleader - Hayden (Panetierre, Heroes' Cheerleader) lvl. 40 (Female) Scald, Taunt, Acrobatics, Work-up

#3) Mascot - We can't afford one yet

#4 Band - Gwen (Stephanie, musician) lvl. 33 (Female) Electro Ball, Volt Switch, Bug Bite, Slash

#5 Fans - We still don't have many fans

#6 Sponsor - Trump (Donald, Smuggest Man Alive) - lvl.40 (Male) Leaf Blade, Mega Drain, Coil, Slam

5 Games Done
Record: 5-0

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