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Originally Posted by Plumpyfoof;7370172
Challenged Clay to a rematch.
Force Palmed Krokorok, Force palmed and paralyzed Sandslash,
Sandslash [B
missed with bulldoze[/B] switched to Lairon, 2KO'd Sandslash and feinted to Excadrill.
Survived one bulldoze with Lucario, Excadrill survived one Force Palm.
Bulldoze missed and Lucario took out Excadrill.
So close. Good thing Lucario can jump hah!
HOW?! :D When I was battling Bulldoze never missed :D

Beat Drayden and Shuzui, Team Plasma etc... and I'm about to challenge Terrakion.


Lucario (55)

Espeon (48)

Volcarona (45)

Krookodile (45)

Vaporeon (45)

Eelektross (51)

Boxed part of team: (19) (28)
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