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    I would give the edge to Biden, especially on substance, but he did appear too aggressive and, at times, impolite. If he would have cut back just a bit on the attack, he would have been the decisive winner in the public eye. Undecided voters might see him as more partisan and combative after this debate. Style can trump substance for many voters.

    Both candidates did well and produced an overall better discussion than did the presidential candidates.

    The impact of this debate was essentially a bandage over the bleeding of Obama support. It is really up to the President to have a more than terrific debate next week if he wants to make any shift in the polls for the election. If Mitt Romney out-performs, or even matches, the President's performance next week, Mitt will probably claim the presidency. At this point in time, I would say it's a 40/60 percent chance that Obama/Romney will win respectively.

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