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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Interesting team! What made you choose those Pokémon? And why is Roserade your strongest? :3 Gotta admit, I never thought you were a Roserade kind of person xD I love the Nidoking/queen combination though, they're be awesome together :D
Yeah, I have to say my ideas are so interesting.

Roserade is my fave Poison Pokemon thanks to its high Special Attack stat, and it's also among my fave Grass-types too. I've used one on almost all of my D/P/Pt playthroughs and it was a total powerhouse.

The Nidoking/queen duo always work well together so I had to include them. Crobat has access to good attacks like Cross Poison and Acrobatics which hit hard, Vileplume cos it's my fave Gen I Poison Pokemon and Skuntank for its interesting type combo and I seem to like the look of skunks in general.

Oh, and welcome to the club Ralaia! So, why pick Grimer as a partner?
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