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Originally Posted by Twilight-kun View Post
what game are those bottom right from?
Those two on the bottom right are Pikachu's second frame sprites from Diamond & Pearl.

I've heard of all these rumors that Pikachu "lost weight" as the series went on, but it was actually the result of the changes and improvements in art design.

But going in-depth into the Pikachu sprites, I have to say the Red/Blue sprite almost looks like a Raichu:

I mean, look at the tail and ears, that almost made me think it was Raichu.

Sprites often go through drastic changes with each generation, such as improvements in color, shape and design etc.

I mean, take a look at Koffing. This was its Red/Blue sprite:

And now here's its Black/White/Black 2/White 2 sprite to compare:

Notice how out-of-place sprite designs were back in the early days? Koffing looked so odd but the symbol on its body got corrected from Yellow onwards to match the official Sugimori art.

Other notable ones including Chikorita being yellow in Gold/Silver but was made light green in Crystal to match its official art.

Same with Sneasel being brown/blue in G/S but changed to its usual black/red colors in Crystal.

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