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Done quite a bit since the last update;

Defeated Roxie
Shot a movie in Pokéstar Studios
Sailed to Castelia City
Drove Team Plasma out of the Castelia Sewers
Trained in the buildings around Castelia
Riolu evolved into Lucario at Level 19!
Defeated Burgh on the first attempt
Got some medals for doing some stuff
Battled Colress on Route 4
Reached Join Avenue and explored the area around it
Reached Nimbasa City where I met Nate and took on the two Subway Bosses
Training for Elesa on Route 4
Saved from that point.


Magnemite Lv. 22

Lucario Lv. 22 (M)

Liepard Lv. 23 (F)

Leavanny Lv. 23 (F)

Pignite Lv. 23 (M)