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    I don't need a Turtwig as I don't plan to complete Pokedex but I can help you. From the top of my head, I have a level 10 (I think) Chimchar and can look for a specific pokemon for you as well. I'm 40 hours in to the game now, can easily travel between cities. So it won't be much problem if the pokemon you want I already have or have already seen it in the wild. I won't trade in legendaries though.

    If you want to trade PM me your pokemon's code or post it here. I'll do the same.

    Btw, I could evolve my Kadabra to Alakazam. I started a new game with a separate save file. Caught another pokemon other than starter and rushed to Krypton city to trade. I used the newly caught Yanma to trade with Kadabra from my main save and traded it back once it evolved after trading. The whole process took me about 50 minutes but if I need something like that again, it will probably be 10 miutes or less.

    update: I might have PMed you twice for the same thing. Sorry about that.

    another edit because the forum thinks it's double posting even if it has been a day after the previous post apparently: BUG: If you go to Mosdeep city, you can surf on land and can have access to inaccessable waters from behind the big building. Only way out I think is a Pokemon who can use Teleport. I used my Alakazam's Teleport.

    Another BUG: If you use Teleport from overseas (i.e. last used Pokemon Center is at Mossdeep but you use Teleport from Sootopolis city. You'll be warped to outside of the map, you can move a little but there is no way to go out other than loading the previous save.
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