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    October 10, 2012

    After a second loss against Cheren first thing in the morning, I decided to do a lot of training at Floccesy Ranch with Riolu and Drifloon. Then later, I felt I was ready to finally win that badge. Third time’s the charm!

    “Hopefully this battle is more interesting than your last one,” Cheren said as he threw his first Poké Ball. “Patrat, let’s go!”

    “I’m ready for sure!” I yelled back, but really inside, I wasn’t as sure. “Drifloon, maximize!”

    “Still using the same Pokémon?” Cheren shook his head. “Patrat, use Bite, let’s finish this quickly.”

    Patrat lunged at Drifloon with its mouth open.

    “Not this time! Drifloon, use Minimize!” My Pokémon shrunk, causing Patrat to miss with its attack. “Good job, now, counter with your Gust attack!”

    “Ok, that’s not bad,” complimented Cheren. “That was a good combination of moves. Patrat, build some strength with Work Up!”

    “While it’s busy, use Gust again, Driflloon!” My Pokémon was doing much better damage this time than in my last two attempts.

    “Knock that balloon Pokémon out of the sky with one good Bite.” Patrat followed Cheren’s command, and this time it made contact for super-effective damage. Luckily, my Drifloon was holding an Oran Berry, so it ate it quickly to recover some health.

    “Hang in there, Drifloon!” I encouraged it. “Keep using Gust!”

    Cheren took a moment to give Patrat a Potion, as Gust hit twice more.

    “Now Patrat, finish it with one more Bite!”

    “Drifloon, dodge it!”

    Despite its evasiveness being increased from the previous Minimize, Patrat chomped down on it with Bite, and Drifloon floated to the ground.

    “Drifloon, return,” I said as I returned it to its Dream Ball. “You did great. Patrat is nice and worn out. Now, Riolu, maximize!”

    “Your Riolu has quite the look of determination on its face,” Cheren commented. “Has it gotten stronger?”

    “Allow us to demonstrate the answer to that,” I smugly replied. “Riolu, Quick Attack, let’s go!”

    Riolu moved like a blur, and knocked Patrat off its feet. Patrat did not get up!

    “Well done. Patrat, return. You put up a good fight.” Cheren lobbed his second Poké Ball. “All right, Lillipup, it’s your turn! Start by using Work Up!”

    “Ready, Riolu?” My Pokémon, turned its head and nodded at me.

    “Just standing there, eh? Then use Work Up again!” Lillipup continued to increase its attack power.

    Still, Riolu did not move.

    Cheren glared at the battlefield. “If you’re not going to move, then we’ll move you. Lillipup, take it out with your Tackle!”

    Lillipup charged at Riolu with an attack that clearly had a lot of power behind it!

    “Now, Riolu, use Counter!” The Tackle hit Riolu and did massive damage, but it stayed on its feet, and reflected double the damage back to Lillipup, knocking it out!

    “Well done, Steve,” Cheren said as he picked up Lillipup from the ground. “You’ve earned this badge. But… don’t you already have the Basic Badge from Lenora?”

    “I do, but I’m starting my journey anew,” I explained. “I never got to battle Alder last time with Team Plasma and Ghetsis causing trouble. This time, I’m going to earn eight badges, find all the newly discovered Pokémon in Unova, and then defeat the Elite Four and the Champion!”

    So I’ve earned the Basic Badge. After the battle, Cheren, Bianca, and I were chatting about old times and starting our Unova journey a year and a half ago. I then called Professor Juniper, who was taking care of my Azurill, and sent over my Riolu and Drifloon for a little break from training. That leaves Psyduck, Mareep, Swablu, and Sunkern to take with me. I also got awarded a few more medals:

    Experienced Saver
    The First Passerby
    Beginning Trader
    Opposite Trader

    Those with a few more Hint Medals, brings my total up to 30. I then set out for Floccesy Town.

    October 11, 2012

    Dream World: Basculin. Nothing new; Gible with Outrage.

    I had a long day at work today, so I didn’t get to do too much training. Bianca did stop by Flocessy Town to upgrade my Pokédex. It will now tell me when I’ve encountered every Pokémon in a specific area. Apparently the only spot I saw all the Pokémon in was Route 19. So I’ll have to explore Route 20 further later. I also got a few more medals, bringing my total to 33:

    Pokérus Discoverer
    Battle Learner
    Occasional Trader

    While I was exploring the town, I found a large rock with three large cuts in it. Suddenly, Keldeo jumped out of its Cherish Ball! It intently studied the rock, looking at all 3 slashes. Then, apparations of Terrakion, Virizion, and Cobalion appeared, and each one of them was shown using their signature Sacred Sword move to cut one of the slashes in the rock. Keldeo appeared to be trying to use Sacred Sword as well… and then it succeeded in learning it! Its form changed, causing its horn to grow, to be able to use Sacred Sword more effectively. I looked up to see what the Pokédex had to say.

    “Keldeo, the Colt Pokémon. When it is resolute, its body fills with power and it becomes swifter. Its jumps are then too fast to follow.”

    It seemed to thank me for bring it to Floccesy Town, then it returned to its Cherish Ball. I transferred it to Professor Juniper so it could be with the legendary trio that it learned its new move from.

    I was out training on Route 20, when a Dunsparce jumped out of some rustling grass!

    “Dunsparce, the Land Snake Pokémon. Dunsparce make mazelike nests in dark locations. When spotted, they flee into the ground by digging with their tails. They can fly just a little.”

    Unfortunately, I was not able to catch it.

    October 12, 2012

    Dream World: Darmanitan. Nothing new; Buneary with Fake Out.

    I spoke with Professor Burnet, and she was able to upgrade all of the components of my Dream Radar to level 3. When I got home from work today, I was scanning for dream clouds, and something buzzed by my visor! Is that a Pokémon? Wait, it kind of looks like Tornadus, but it’s a bird, not a genie! So I used the beam to reel it in (I feel very Ghostbuster-like when I do this…), and I did manage to catch it! Professor Burnet downloaded the data into a Dream Ball and sent it to me. The Tornadus I caught a while back looks nothing like this. Apparently, in the Interdream Space, Tornadus takes on its “Therian Form” as Burnet called it. She said that the other two Pokémon she detected in the Interdream Space must have been Thundurus and Landorus, and that they’re also likely in other forms. I’ve never seen a Landorus before in any form though. Apparently, it’s the legendary Pokémon that I was told a long time ago has a shrine built to it somewhere in eastern Unova. But, I will have to keep an eye out for a different looking Thundurus in the meantime.

    I was searching Route 20 for quite a while, trying to locate an elusive Dunsparce. I trained my team while I waited, but I finally did find one! I had Swablu Sing it to sleep, and then easily caught it.

    160. Dunsparce

    I went back to the Pokémon Center, and got awarded more medals. My total is now up to 34.

    Heavy Walker
    30 Boxed
    Superb Locator

    I sent Sunkern to Fennel to be sent to the Dream World, and had Riolu, Azurill, and Drifloon sent to me.
    Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
    Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
    Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
    Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101