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    To cut a long story short: It's great.

    The story's interesting, the retro graphics work well with the 2k3 and I really like your humour.

    Anyway there are some "bugs" you should fix:

    Earth Crystal Problem:
    The imo worst bug I found so far. After you obtain an Earth Crystal (refining Item), and try to refine it, it won't vanish. This means in fact you can have an indefinite amount (well, not quite, let's say until you get bored) of TM Terra Rift, Dig and Earthquake.

    Flux Capacitor Delivery
    As Dragenrder said it is not possible to deliver it to Oak. Instead, you can have 99 of those if you want them. ^-^

    Geodude, Graveler, Golem
    This was mentioned before, too, I think. You mixed them up at a few points in the game.
    If you take a look at the Geodude you defeated at the PC, it's showing a Golem, not a Geodude.

    Weedle + Limit Break
    I don't know if it is in every case but wild Weedles Lv4 do always attack with Limit Break for a reason I do not know. xD

    Manman2000 -> -6 HP
    Don't know if it is a bug but why does it have sometimes negative HP?

    Other stuff mentioned before.

    I'm very interested in this game. Please keep going! :3
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