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    Name: Brittany “Izzy” Charlesson
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Izzy is really not too different from any other teenager in Kanto- she has curly, mid-length rusty blonde hair that she ties up in a ponytail or pigtails most of the time, and murky brown eyes. Izzy has a short, cute nose, although it’s a bit disfigured because she broke it when she was in an auto wreck. She’s a bit short at 5’2, but she’s thin and lanky. She has a round, heart shaped face, and long eyelashes. A bit of acne dots her face and neck, and she wears a pair of thin-wired, modern eyeglasses for her nearsightedness.
    Her clothing greatly varies, since she’s quite a fickle person, but at this stage in her life she is most often seen in oversized band tee shirts, baggy pants, and army-like boots. She normally wears make up, but not too much-just a bit of mascara or blush if she’s in a good mood.

    Personality: Izzy, as mentioned before, is a very fickle person; she changes her mind on whims and is pretty impulsive. She’s a bit crazy and silly, too, overall a fun person to be around. However, she tends to be a bit blunt or rude to people she doesn’t know very well; she values friends over everyone else. Izzy’s kind of stingy and greedy, too- but she’d always be happy to share something with her friends, as long as it isn’t too much.
    She has… Well…. How do I say it? I guess, a bit of violent tendencies. Izzy has a short temper, and will get pretty violent if something doesn’t go her way. It’s a lot better now than it was when she was little, but she’s still a bit of a brat sometimes.
    Despite all this, she can be an unbelievably kind and caring person, even when there’s nothing in it for her. Although she likes to act like she doesn’t care, she does have a conscience, and when something bad’s happening, she’ll jump in-even if her life would be at risk. So, she’s not really brave persay, but just utterly reckless. And she enjoys it, although she worries her friends sometimes.
    Even though it may seem a bit out of character for such a girl, Izzy is actually a bit shy if you don’t know her. After that, however, she’s a total ball of caffeine and rainbows. (Yes, she has a habit of drinking coffee.)
    Although she doesn’t draw too much anymore, she’s a great cartoon artist-she used to have a blog where she’d post her comics. However, she quit drawing after her parents died. She sometimes still sings, however.

    Backstory: Izzy was always a bit of a tomboy, growing up with her two older brothers, Matty and Skylar. She spent a lot of time playing football and soccer with them, and when she wasn’t doing that, she was drawing or writing or listening to music. Her parents loved her and her brothers deeply, and although they were a bit of a lower-class family, they got along. They even were able to pay for some piano and guitar lessons for the music-loving Izzy, who was happy to sing and play for her family.
    Sadly, when she was only ten and her brothers were fourteen and eighteen, their parents died in a car wreck. Izzy was there as well, watching her parents die-however, she was relatively unharmed, beside a few broken ribs and a broken nose. Since her brother, Matty, was a legal adult, he was able to keep her and Skylar together. But that didn’t stay for long. Skylar and Matty were constantly fighting, so Skylar ran away, stealing a Charmander from Pallet Town’s Pokemon lab. (They lived in Viridian, so it wasn’t too far.) Izzy, only 11 at the time, was heartbroken; she loved Skylar more than anything. Matty was mad at himself as well, and wanted to go look for him, but was unable to due to his job.
    Stories began going around about a young, reckless blonde-haired trainer and his Charizard, and Izzy just knew it was Skylar. She wanted to find him more than anything, but unfortunately, she was too young to leave on a journey just yet. So, to save money, she quit her music lessons and with Matty’s help started saving up for a journey. By the time she was 13, old enough to leave, she had 3000 Pokedollars-not much, but enough to get started. She heard about a program in Pallet where they were giving away free Pokemon, in exchange for a Pokedex contract.
    And so, Izzy went, unaware of the oncoming troubles about to face her and her partner.

    Starter Pokémon: Growlithe

    Holy burritos, I'm finally done! Sorry it took me so long. :/ Is it all good?