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Currently my team is:
Lv. 36
Lv. 37
Lv. 36
Lv. 36

I intend to evolve Magneton shortly (I just beat Clay and did the whole PWT/Plasma thing) and get a Litwick and Trapinch, who I intend to evolve into Chandelure and Flygon respectively. That will be my final team I think. I was debating between Flygon and Krookodile, but eeeeeh. Flygon's cooler in my opinion and I've never used one before. xD It's part dragon too, which is always a plus. xD
EDIT: For some reason I forgot Lucario and Magneton were both part steel. :o Anyway, I think I'm gonna drop Magneton and get a Galvantula or Eelectros (probably a Galvantula for it's dual typing.) Do you guys have any ideas on what I should choose? xD Thanks.

EDIT2: Got a Joltik. It has a pretty poor nature but I did manage to get Compoundeyes as the ability and, to be fair, the Magneton I had before also had a poor nature. xD

It's level 30 at the moment (it's got a bit of catching up to do) and I named it Charlotte for pretty obvious reasons. :D