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    So, I'm using the JPAN Hacked Engine for Fire Red. Mainly, because I need to use his Runtime Trainer Customization function. I kinda figured out how it works through the .doc, but I have a problem with the way it works. I used the Overworld Editor - Rebirth Edition to edit the basic hero sprites (hero standing and hero walking). I figured that by the time I use my Runtime Trainer Customization script, I still don't have my Running Shoes, Bike, VS Seeker or Fishing Rod, so why change those sprites. I wanted to use the first command (Setvar 0x4054) to change my walking/standing Hero to the original look. I would change the look of a random NPC to that of the original Hero, so that when I use the 'Setvar 0x4054' command, my hero would have the original look again. To pre-test it, I just used the 'Setvar 0x4054'-command on a random NPC. I gave myself the Running Shoes, to see how it would look. When I went outside and ran, I didn't get the old Hero look though, it was the random NPC 'gliding'. No running animation, just the basic standing sprite moving through the screen.

    How can I get it to work that I start the game with my 'new' Hero look, then have the command change my appearance, so that the rest of the game I look like the old/normal Hero?