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CoroCoro gave us some new info today! n_n

Originally Posted by Serebii
The first images of CoroCoro has been revealed, showing more details of the upcoming game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth. These images showcase various new features of the game
In it, it lists Lugia and Ho-Oh as being major Pokémon within the narrative, along with Kyurem. The main hub area in the game is known as the Pokémon Paradise and features a variety of new Pokémon who provide many amenities and items. A new feature in the town is V-Roulette, run by Victini, which will get you higher ranked Pokémon through the V-Wave. Scraggy will allow you to forget and/or remember various moves. Azumarill runs the noticeboard where all the missions are given.
In addition to this, you're able to build up Pokémon Paradise to your own specifications as you go on, setting up stores with various PokémonWith Pansage, you have the ability to grow various berries to aid you on your quest. Quagsire is used to check upon the status of the Pokémon you have befriended, and set you to have them join you in the next dungeon. Beartic provides you with a small mini-game to play where you need to shoot discs across some ice to get it in a hole.
There's an Everyone Attack mode where all Pokémon 's heart beams are collected. The effect differs depending on your main character's type but it can do massive damage. There are also special Team Skills, which are currently unknown. Emolga and Dunsparce are labelled as best friends and will join your party as the game progresses
I'm so excited oh my god. :(

Also two scans from CoroCoro, SECOND ONE IS THE BEST.

Image 1

Image 2
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