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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Remember that HeartGold/SoulSilver implemented some features from Crystal such as Eusine appearing.

I could see Game Freak implementing features originally in Emerald into a pair of Ruby/Sapphire remakes, such as the Battle Frontier (like how HeartGold/SoulSilver shared a Battle Frontier with Platinum).

And I'm a little puzzled if they should be on the 3DS or not, since it's still Generation 5 so they should do a little DS farewell with R/S remakes and then let Generation 6 get a 3DS release.

As for "sequels" to the games, in a B2/W2-style fashion, I'd see it pretty unlikely.
Not in a B/W2 fashion, It was my fault for not explaining properly, so I apologize

Before I move on to that, I'll comment on the Crystal and HG/SS thing:

HG/SS DID have Crystal features, yes, BUT, it didn't change much in story, while Emerald changed their story drastically from R/S, including both teams and putting Rayquaza into the story.

Now to what I need to elaborate on:

I would rather see a remake of Emerald, just putting some landscapes and aesthetic differences in the two games, essentially making R/S remakes with emeralds story, maybe making wally an actual rival, considering the fact that we barely battled him in the first place.

So what I'm basically saying is I don't want a copy and paste game, I want a game staying true to the premise of R/S/E but "spicing" it up a little, if you know what I mean.

Like I said above, Emerald felt more like "canon" to me than R/S did.

Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
1. Emerald didn't have that much change story wise from RS. You got to fight both teams and got ryquza before the eliet four big whoop.

2. Gen 3s story as a whole was boring compared to gen 5. So there gonna have to spice it up

3. Remakes take priority over the original in cannon so if the remakes come out throw out Gen 3 games.

4. If the remakes come out in 2013 there gonna come out for the DS. I've tried being nice but in all Seriousness there gonna finish the last main games on the same system they started the gen. People say the DS is a dead system , what they mean to say is 1) no ones buying them as much anymore(that's because so many people have them. and 2) not many other games are coming out for them.
My response is so ? The lack of other DS games doesn't mean a pokemon game won't sell. And a pokemon game well sell better on the DS than the 3ds. I believe the term dead system is a fan used term and not a company used term. I could be wrong tho
Besides the promoting of the 3ds can start with gen 6 in 2014. Of course I could be wrong and will gladly admit it if i am
Emerald changed a lot story wise, fighting two teams is a pretty big deal, especially when it comes to making remakes, deciding weather to fight one or two teams, and weather it comes out on the DS or the 3DS doesn't matter to me really, I own a DSi and I will be getting a 3DS more than likely for Christmas, if I don't i'll simply buy it my self.

now back on topic:

Has anybody found any hints or tips relating to R/S/E remakes? I'm liking the fact that the Go-Go-Goggles backpacker and the ex Team Aqua/Magma grunt, just wondering if you guys found anything that you like to share!

Also, what do you think of the Team A/M grunt? Does it mean something?

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