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Those aren't really reaction commands. They just moved the abilities like Ars Arcanum (pictured) and whatnot to the triangle button instead of having to go to the bottom of the menu to select them. That's still great news though because it means there's a good chance they did the same with treasure chests. That's one of the hardest things for me to get used to in KH1--having to clear a room just to open a chest. And apparently they've altered the camera to be more like KH2's which is also quite welcome. Aside from that and updated character models & textures, it should be exactly the same though. I can't imagine they'll actually add in reaction commands and things that would change the course of battle.

I'm so excited though! Re:COM in glorious HD! Finally! I was always kind of disappointed with the blurriness of the cutscenes in that game (because they were pre-rendered and recorded in SD instead of rendered as the game goes) and that will finally be fixed!

And Days! <3 It looks so good and they ARE condensing and voicing the important cutscenes that weren't originally voiced and pretty. I was worried they'd just be including the rather empty theatre mode from the original game recorded in HD which would be okay but not really ideal in any sense of the word.