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    I explained it before. Part 2 will be on a completely different rom on a completely different thread. (Sorry is the main post is mis-leading, I have to edit it.) I've decided about a month or 2 ago that starting on a new rom for Part 2 would be the best idea because then I can add all of the special patches that are not in this rom and too late to add. Such as the Physical/Special split, the day/night, and a patch that will allow me to add as many OWs as I desire(I'm sure you've notice the absence of Pokemon OWs in the hack. This is because I don't have any room for'em and had to go over them for characters I wanted to add.)
    The amount of work you're putting in to raise the Pokemon in this rom will not go to waste because the trainers near the end of the hack and the champion Adrian especially are Very Very strong. Don't mean to spoil anything, but their Pokemon kinda cheat the system because Darugis allows them some special power etc etc etc. Basically, the 4 knights and Adrian have some ridiculous advantage over you that I'm not gonna spoil. Not just them, but even trainers like Misty, and some basic trainers on the routes are getting much stronger near the end and requires you to have your Pokemon at very high levels. You Won't get your Pokemon back in Part 2 except your main dragon starter's final evolution at lv30 and along the way, the legendaries from the first such as Victini, Shaymin, etc will re-join you at adjusted levels later on. But at the beginning, you'll only have your dragon starter's evolution at Lv30. I know some expected 2 regions in 1 game, but to put the 2nd region in a new rom is worth it.


    I Wish I could put Part 2 on a DS Rom, but I hear their isn't really an easy map maker for it and it's much harder to hack.

    EDIT: Really enjoying the ending of the hack. I think it came out pretty good. The Malice Courtyard is ridiculous though. I've never seen so many OW sprites on 1 map. There's like 70 Goons/Goonetes blocking the entrance to the Malice Castle. The player's friends are also there as well facing off against them. It's pretty cool, I can't wait til you guys play and see for yourself.