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Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
Yawn, I just had what happens to be a great sleep, but then I look at IC thread and my name is in bold, and I thought, Well how should I respond and honestly I've been thinking for a good 10 minutes or so. Regardless I think my posts should be read more closely, I don't really interact with any characters, only mentioning bodies (which can be two, three, or a thousand). I can edit my post to say there was in fact two alive girls, but it won't really change my post much.

As for the too fast thing, I actually left both my main and Ice at the base of the mountain in order to speed things up, I really had slight intention in (sorry of) meeting another group at this moment, (though it is inevitable now, so now I have no intention of really staying with you guys atm.)

Oh, oh, I must say my temp character just got chimecho as her spirit, and her important move right now is heal pulse. Whether you want that kind of help, or not , Kalie isn't exactly, moral. Pretty much she is on a revenge trip to kill, whoever, and she isn't taking unnessicary risks. She would wait for Ice, (because Spark won't leave without Arie) but she won't be waiting near where the battle was.
I think she was talking about Ice taking the Haxorus. Anyone without a spirit can go to the peak and get one, it's not like they're in limited supply.
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