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    Grass: Exeggutor l I love the character design and its really strong.
    Fire: Blaziken | This was a tough one. I went with Blaziken because its so OP.
    Water: Carracosta | This one was really tough. I went with Carracosta because its so cool looking.
    Flying: Crobat | Weak movepool, but it looks awesome. The only reason to catch a zubat.
    Normal: Snorlax | Awesome character design, really useful.
    Fighting: Hitmonchan | Not sure why.
    Psychic: Slowking | I love the slowpoke line. Not sure why on this one either.
    Dragon: Dragonite | Because its the OG dragon.
    Ground: Diglett | Because its ridiculous.
    Ice: Walrein | Dont really like any ice types. Walrein looks the coolest i guess.
    Bug: Scizor | He's just the best. Period.
    Steel: Empoleon | Love the typing, character design, and usefulness.
    Rock: Phyperior | Because Rhyperior.
    Electric: Eelektross/Emolga | Eelektross for badassness, Emolga for being so darn cute.
    Poison: Muk | Whats not to like?
    Dark: Zoroark | So many cool dark types. I chose Zoroark because I have one and it owns.
    Ghost: Gengar | It looks cool and it is super useful.