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    The A/M grunts took the place of the speech impediment Rocket from G/S/C/HG/SS, so they are more an Easter Egg than a hint. They also point out that the events of B2W2 are way after R/S/E as they say they were part of their respective groups "many" years ago.

    Other than that, there aren't many actual hints other than Easter Eggs that have been discussed in both this thread and the old thread.

    Emerald also didn't change the story of R/S. It was the same story, only small parts were edited to fit in both teams for battle as well as their plots. Only "Major" change was Magma's hideout. Both teams were in both original games and were fighting against one another. Only difference with Emerald is you weren't unofficially siding with one team who was trying to stop the other. You ended up facing off against both at once.

    Rayquaza's was a nice small addition that can be added like the Crystal addition without forcing you to go through his tower as I've stated before. You can have the basic Ruby/Sapphire plot with one team (this is so you don't get 2 Emerald remakes cause the remakes do the two main titles and not the Director's Special Third Version), while the other team wakes their's up behind the scene. When you get to Sootopolis you witness the fight and then Rayquaza appears to stop them. The Mascot retreats to Cave of Origin (Or what ever its name was) while the opposite disappears.