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Dear Anonymouses,

I was thinking the other day, do you remember back a couple of years ago when it was just us four? And every day we would talk, all the time, it's weird thinking about that because now... Well, I haven't spoken to two of you for over a year, and you? Well I knew you before I knew the other two, and now look at us, I hardly know you at all any more. You were my best friend and now I see you pretty much breaking down and I can't be there for you because you don't want to talk. What happened between you two had nothing to do with me, I was going through problems of my own, I couldn't have helped the situation anyway, even if I'd wanted too.
But... I think back, and I realise how much I miss us all together, I hope one day we can all talk again, even just for a day, for old times sake.
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