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Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
Ugh, James Bond.

My main problem is that the exact same thing happens in each movie.
  • Gets mission
  • Gets cool gadgets
  • Fights bad guy, loses/bad guy gets away
  • Meets girl (she tries to kill him)
  • Meets another girl
  • Oh no! The girl is with the bad guys! :O
  • Is captured
  • Escapes
  • Fight scene wit Girl
  • Fight scene with bad guys
  • Explosions
  • Mission completed.
Sorry, that's kind of cynical, but that's James Bond in my mind. I mean, at least Pokemon has a new region, a different evil team/evil team motive and different Pokemon...

I wouldn't mind a Beatles subforum. ^_^
But, you're missing out on the most important part of the Bond franchise! The sexy girls who help him out and invariably have sex with him during the movie, or just before the end credits start rolling! I don't want to call them Bond girls, because a Bond girl can also be evil, but you know who I mean, right? Honey Ryder, Cloyster Galore (my personal favorite), Miranda Frost etc. Though Miranda turned out to be evil soooo idk what point I'm making here. But yeah, don't forget the infamous sexual trysts!