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Originally Posted by KingKaos View Post
So Vato how was my SU did it need anything improved?
I apologize for not being able read the SU, now, onto bussiness!

I like the personaity and the appearance is good, too! Buuuut, the backstory is... what?

How was he unaware of the landmasses colliding if he was on the mountains, which are part of them?
How could he fight an Ursaring before being 10? He would have died even if it was just a spare fight...
How could he be in Sinnoh when all regions are now one and the same?
How could he 14 if he left the mountains when he was 10?

Yeah, it really doesn't make much sense if you think about it... So, may I ask you to change the backstory so that it could be a little more real? Also, could you change his name? Koga is intended to be reffered at some point in the RP, and it would be weird to do such references with a character named Koga...

Originally Posted by heretostay123 View Post
Tell me if anything sounds familiar
While I admit the personality is nice, the appearance is quite short, y'know... And the backstory...

What exactly could be a master of a lighthouse? The owner I assume, for the one in charge of taking care of the lighthouse Pokemon is Jasmine, or so seems to be based on G/S/C/HG/SS.
The only Pokemon in the lighthouse is Ampharos, a rather calm Electric-type Pokemon. It wouldn't trash around that much, if anything, it would just be scared, really scared.
Hyper Beam is not a move that would partially damage you... It's something that could really kill you...
The dragons did NOT attack Johto. They attacked Sinnoh and Hoenn. The weather Trio did the rest of the destruction...
Also, how could he just wait patiently in the shore? What if a huge wave came to the shore? What then?

So, yeah, fix that, if you may

Originally Posted by pat20cool View Post
HOLY BURRITO!! TIME AND SPACE IS BACK!! Everything about the design for the page looks beautiful!!! BOOM!! And if it's allowed, I'm using my old signup 'cause I want to be reunited with my good old friend!!
I'll wait for the backstory to be edited, then

Originally Posted by `Brianna View Post
Holy burritos, I'm finally done! Sorry it took me so long. :/ Is it all good?
It's really awesome! :D
You just need to write here she was by the time the distaters stroke and how she survived, then I will be glad to have you in!

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