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@Machomuu: While I appreciate second opinions, I have a guy for that. I talk to TornZero about most issues and SUs and decisions. He's very good about spotting things too. My definition of mature is whether it makes readers uncomfortable. You can be scary and realistic and all that jazz without making people uncomfortable. As an example, I'd point to that time Lucy consumed Creed. Can you imagine if I hadn't recognized the risk and appropriately restrained details there?

Basically, some details are better left implied. It's not that the actions can't happen, but that we as writers would do well to find less 'shocking' ways to present them.

@pppgggr: That being said, I told you that as constructive criticism and as a precaution. If I was actually confident it was a problem I would've actually been forced to report the post and wouldn't have been allowed to say much due to the mini-modding rule. Anything above M rated falls into Skymin's jurisdiction and not mine, and not reporting it would get /me/ in trouble. It's something I've been afraid of since I started the RP, so this may not be the last time you see me point a post out and caution someone about mature content.

I got a pretty graphic image in my mind reading the, and not because it wandered. And...well... anime blood physics are grosser than the real thing to be frank. :U That's also a reason. I see that and I compare it to what I've personally seen with my own two eyes and it feels... exaggerated for drama to me? Regardless, I'm not punishing you or anything so take it with a grain of salt.

Also, to clarify on something people are only given one pokespirit on Mount Coronet. The only way to get more is through slain welders. You can't get more on top of Coronet unless you've got special justification, and even then I'd run it by me via VMs first.

@Khawill: Speaking of constructive criticism... My instinctive response to what you said was outrage. I'm telling you this because not everyone can just wait a while until they can deal with an issue that offends them in a calm manner like I can, and there's a relatively good chance they wouldn't have in my shoes. The reason it offended me was that you basically implied it wasn't your responsibility to make sure you weren't causing others grief, which is highly dismissive. That may or may not be what you intended to say, but that's the message that came across.

When IceFyr's character began interacting with ours, you were still interacting with his. Therefore, by correlation you were interacting with ours. There are times it becomes ambiguous who is interacting with who, but... this honestly doesn't feel like one of them. When the person you're interacting with speeds ahead of the others and you do the same in response, that's contributing to the issue.

That being said, when someone says that you've upset them in some way during roleplay, it's generally proper to attempt to resolve the issue. contrastively, telling someone they have no reason to be aggravated will probably not have ideal results one way or another.

Once IceFyr finishes correcting the bunnying in his post(s) (The parts where we don't get a fair chance to respond) we'll resume normal posting. I'm not a fan of strikes and infractions. Just know that when I point out the flaws in something you, or any roleplayer, do it's because I want you to learn and become a better RPer because of it.

@Everyone: Also, I apologize for Any delays on posting. I have been pushing my way through BW2. Good news is I've thoroughly beaten it at this point and learned a bit about the series on my way. Some of it is related to Fallout, but most of it is just general knowledge.

I also broke Ghetsis' heart. /herp

But yeah. Other good news is that I've made some sacrifices in order to focus on RP, and I don't mean my sleep schedule.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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